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Cadore is a strategic partner in drug development. We provide consultancy services and development support. Cadore uses expertise gained in the pharmaceutical and chemical industries as well as in the drug technology, R&D and business development. The founders of Cadore, Dr. Vít Perlík and Dr. Martin Votava have strong scientific backgrounds and exceptional experience in the pharmaceutical industry, consultation business and regulatory authorities.

Drug development

Cadore provides consulting services in the field of drug development. We cover all phases of product development including pharmaceutical development, non-clinical and clinical trials as well as support during marketing authorization application submissions and assessment in the EU. We bridge the gap between basic research and clinical applications by applying rigorous scientific methods and standards to validate the drug candidates and ensure their quality and safety. We optimize preclinical studies and clinical trials in compliance with regulatory requirements and ethical principles. Our expertise covers medicinal products from simple formulations such as immediate-release oral dosage forms to new chemical entities and complex dosage forms and routes of administration such as long-acting injectibles or locally acting products in the lungs, skin or gastrointestinal system. Our experts have extensive experience in various fields of drug discovery and development, such as pharmacology, toxicology, chemistry, bioinformatics and clinical research. Together, we create for our clients the tailor-made solutions that comply with the regulatory standards and are cost-and time-effective.

Complex innovative solutions

  • Scientific advices

    Scientific advice is the most valuable tool to align your development plan with regulatory expectations. We build on your generated data, combine it with existing scientific evidence and provide state of the art, innovative and cost-effective solutions to optimize your development plans endorsed via Scientific Advices with strategically selected EU Regulatory Agencies.
  • Building partnerships

    We are proud founders and organizers of the BioBridges platform for informal, professional exchange of opinions and updates among industry, regulators and academia. BioBridges is an annually held conference with aim to facilitate communication and mutual understanding of the problems encountered by the industry during drug development and problems encountered by the regulators during the assessment of marketing authorization applications.
  • Development and applied science

    We support your development efforts and contribute to applied science via scientific publications to facilitate your communication with patients or health care and regulatory professionals.
    Relationship between Pharmacokinetic Profile and Clinical Efficacy Data of Three Different Forms of Locally Applied Flurbiprofen in the Mouth/Throat

Proof of concept studies

We focus on early proof of concept evaluation, supporting step-wise, fast and cost-effective decision-making and evaluation of primary hypothesis in the clinical development. We provide early KOLs engagement, design of clinical studies or evaluation of the existing development plans with focus on effective risk mitigation important for pharmaceutical companies and comprehensive communication with investors or management.

Project due diligence

Cadore offers project scouting, including dossier due diligence, benefit-risk evaluation, regulatory strategic planning and early stage pharmaceutical development risk mitigation. We scout for novel projects that match our clients’ interests and goals. We evaluate the scientific and commercial potential of each project. We provide our clients with comprehensive reports on the project’s background, objectives, methods, results, challenges and opportunities. We also provide feedback and recommendations on how to improve the project’s feasibility and attractiveness.

Contact us

Cadore INV s.r.o.

Akademicka 688/1
108 00 Prague 10
Czech Republic

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